Azmoun: We cannot speak, long live Iranian women!

Sardar Azmoun   Mahsa Amini  


Thevalleypost - Iran international midfielder Bayer Leverkusen striker Sardar Azmoun broke out with a story on Instagram, about what is happening in his homeland and confirmed that Al Ittihad is not letting them talk.

The Sardar Azmoun break his silence. The Iranian international striker broke out with an Instagram story about the situation in his country and his death maha amini.

its attacker Bayer Leverkusen He confirmed that the federation does not allow the placement of players, but it opposes this, and he also condemned, with his suspension, those who do so “They kill easily” He expressed his support for Iranian women. We remind you that according to its report daily Mail leaders Ali Reza Hanbas And the Ehsan Haji Safi They made related posts that have been deleted.

Azmoun’s post:

“Due to the rules of the national team, we are not allowed to say anything until the completion of our current training camp, but I can no longer bear the silence. If they want my pieces from the team it is just a sacrifice for the sake of the hair of an Iranian woman. There is no way this post can be deleted. Shame To everyone how easy it is to kill people. Long live the Iranian woman.”

Sardar Azmoun broke his silence on the recent protests in Iran.

Azmoun Mahsa Amini